Therapeutic Early Childhood Program

Our early childhood center-based programs serve children from 2 to 5 years of age in a therapeutic classroom setting. The children have a snack and lunch, supported playtime, group experiences and outside or gym activities. 

Children come to a toddler or preschool classroom two mornings each week, experiencing many opportunities to practice social skills, express their feelings, and make their own safe choices.  Individualized goals focusing on social and emotional health are developed for each child and monitored by skilled teachers, who provide nurturing one-on-one support in a context of fun, developmentally appropriate learning activities.

For the classroom programs, teachers work in partnership with families by coming to their homes at least monthly to support parents and strengthen the parent-child relationship during challenging times.

In the home-based program, children and their parents receive similar services but the classroom experience is less often (anywhere from two to four times each month).

Who are our Teachers?

Our teachers are passionate men and women with educational backgrounds in early intervention, early childhood education, psychology, human services and/or English as a Second Language. Our teachers have diverse experience in employment areas ranging from Preschool, K-12, Special Education and ESL teaching as well as social work and community services.

We are proud of our teachers and staff and view them as one of the most valuable resources we provide to the children and families we partner with!

Vaccination information

To see our county's immunization numbers, click here. 

Our classroom vaccination child care numbers:

County: Linn

City: Albany

Number of children in the facility: 11

Percentage of children with all vaccines required: 73

Number not counted: 0

Number of children 18 mos or younger: 0

Percentage vaccinated DTaP/Tdap: 91

Percentage vaccinated Polio: 91

Percentage vaccinated Varicella: 91

Percentage vaccinated MMR1: 91

Percentage vaccinated HepB: 82

Percentage vaccinated HepA: 82

Percentage vaccinated Hib: 91

Percentage Nonmedical exemptions any vaccines: 9

Percentage Nonmedical exemptions DTaP/Tdap: 9

Percentage Nonmedical exemptions Polio: 9

Percentage Nonmedical exemptions Varicella: 9

Percentage Nonmedical exemptions MMR2: 9

Percentage Nonmedical exemptions Mumps: 9

Percentage Nonmedical exemptions Rubella: 9

Percentage Nonmedical exemptions HepB: 9

Percentage Nonmedical exemptions HepA: 9

Percentage Nonmedical exemptions Hib: 9

Percentage Nonmedical exemptions all vaccines: 9

Percentage no record: 0

Percentage medical exemptions: 0